Dr. Dennis Gardner is a native of Maury County, Tennessee.
Dr. Dennis R Gardner, D.D.S.   He graduated from Columbia State Community College and
  the University of Memphis. He earned his Doctor of Dental
  Surgery degree from the University of Tennessee, College
  of Dentistry in June 1983. He opened his practice at
  5311 Main Street in Spring Hill Tennessee in August of that
  same year. He is a member of the American Dental
  Association, the Tennessee Dental Association and the
  Academy of General Dentistry.

  Dr. Gardner became interested in the profession of Dentistry
  because of his own severe malocclusion (incorrect bite). He has had extensive dental treatment himself and has experienced most dental procedures as a patient. This gives him a good understanding of those procedures from the
patient's point of view as well as the doctor's.

Dr. Gardner and his staff perform comprehensive dentistry for patients of all
ages. The procedures performed in their office include crowns, bridges, implants
(restorative phase), dentures, partial dentures and state-of-the-art non-surgical
periodontal treatment. In addition to these more traditional procedures, Dr. Gardner is invisalign certified, offers in-office whitening, and minimally invasive cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Gardner and his wife, Ginger, married in 1979. They have three children, Leslie and Ray Gardner and Stephanie (James) Harlan. The Gardners are members of St. Luke United Methodist Church. Dr. Gardner is also a member of the Gideons International and is an Assistant Scout Master and Chaplain of Boy Scout Troop 154.

Our Philosophy of Practice

Just as my choice of occupation has been influenced by my own dental history, so was my philosophy of practice. By the time my permanent teeth had erupted I had developed a horrible bite. My upper and lower teeth contacted in only three places. My lower jaw was off center approximately one-half inch and I could not breathe through my nose. I had multiple in-office surgeries and major surgeries on my nose and jaws along with extensive orthodontic and TMJD treatment to correct my situation.

My parents were told when I was still quite young that I needed braces. Treatment was not pursued due to my family's financial situation. The ramifications of not starting treatment early were never explained. I'll never know what difference might have been made in my dental health had my parents and I been given more information. I do know that my belief systems about dentistry were influenced tremendously. I formed the philosophy that every patient needs to be given as much information as we can in good faith give them so they can make the best choice.

Our commitment to you is best expressed with the three words in our slogan - discovering, resolving, guiding. Our first objective in treating each and every patient is to discover with you the level of health you currently possess and what level is possible to attain. We also emphasize in our practice the connection between dental health and overall systemic health.
Finally, once your goals have been met, we want to properly guide you in maintaining all that has been accomplished. This includes keeping the appropriate schedule with our hygienist and providing you with updated information regarding your health status.
We look upon you as a unique person of infinite worth to God and to those who need and love you. We will affirm that worth through our care and concern.

Dennis R. Gardner, D.D.S
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P.O. Box 129
Spring Hill, TN 37174
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Once dental health goals have been established, we want to explore the